Monday, 9 January 2012

My Bday

Wa wa wa, I am one year older last Dec 29.

Thanks to all who remembered my big day…for the wonderful and beautiful bday wishes! At least I don’t get upset with the increasing number.

Around 4pm I received call from my girl misi, she said – “mami, pulai kerja lagi alu lanjar ngagai rumah ini..anang singah ke bukai” mmmmm I can sense that there will be a surprise!!!!

This is my bday cake - very touching story - sida empat menyadi berkulik duit kena meli kek to...sampai pmau pan enda ulih escape...ngurek duit tabung....thank you anak-anak & mami love you all more, more, more and more....

Look!!! these are the presents - the Vantage Swan is from tante-tante bintis, gelang & rantai from my close fren....thank you you all muah muah muah...